Project management

Carefree from the plan to the running event.

We take care of your event's project planning and technical implementation in compliance with legal regulations, standards, and rules. This gives you more time to take care of the content of the event.

The necessary framework conditions and wishes are discussed with our customers in advance to realise an event. The location, type of event, number of participants and, in particular, the customer's ideas are of fundamental importance. Based on this framework data, we can work out an individual concept for you.

An inspection of the location is of great importance here. Here, the necessary power connections, escape routes and emergency exits, fire alarm systems, and much more are inspected and documented. 

Taking into account all applicable rules, regulations and laws, all necessary plans and calculations are prepared.
Then the visualisation and technical planning begins, which includes a comprehensive CAD elaboration. If required, we can create a completely virtual 3D view of your event.

Continuity management is vital to us. To organise a smooth event, we draw up plans for the set-up and running of the event and plans for escape routes, electricity, lighting, sound, and many other things.

We are there for you before and after the event and during the event with help and advice. Be it through our operators who harmonise light, sound and video, through directors/media managers who ensure the correct rhythm or our project managers/masters who place great emphasis on safety and never lose sight of the course of events.

Create great things without worries